This is for you if you need: 

–  Guidance on setting up a compelling visual strategy

–  Unique Selling Point to help you stand out from the crowd

–  A clear plan on how to grow your Instagram’s following

–  Understanding on how to gain a strong and engaged community


Are you an Instagram newbie?

Or are you simply frustrated, because you’ve spent a lot of your time and effort on trying to grow your Instagram following, but nothing has really worked?

Then my Exclusive 1:1 Instagram Consultation is perfect for you.

In this consultation service I will review your feed and create a personalised exclusive strategy to help you get the most out of your Instagram account.

Refining your Instagram strategy can lead to greater awareness of your brand, make you stand out from the crowd, as well as increase your profits.


An initial discussion about your brand, current Instagram approach and aims (Email/Skype/Google Hangout)

I will then evaluate your Instagram feed and research the niche you’re operating in.  

After that I will propose an Actionable Growth Strategy that will allow you to get the maximum exposure on Instagram. 

Your Growth Strategy will include the following key areas:

–  Bio 

–  Instagram Theme & Branding 

–  Photography and Visual Storytelling (mood board)

–  Brand Voice and Written Communication

–  Your Instagram Unique Selling Point (your secret weapon)

–  Handpicked Hashtags for Organic Growth

–  Engagement and Conversion

–  Personalised Plan to Grow your Following

You will be provided with visual proposals and clear action points on how to improve each area 

Helpful advice, resources and tools to guide you every step of the way.

14 Days free E-mail support to guide you through your plan


You’ll also receive a free copy of my Ultimate #MasterYourInstagram Hashtag Guide


1:1 Instagram Consultation

1:1 Instagram Consultation
1:1 Instagram Consultation
1:1 Instagram Consultation